Carpe Didums



Yes I know, I know, before you message me and ‘correct’ my latin, I did this deliberately (although why I did latin at school I have no idea).

So ‘seize the wotsit’ (a familiar phrase at my parties) is a bit of a worry. The 1st windows of the Christmas advent competitions have been clicked on and the countdown has begun. Except people have already been overspending on their credit cards and cramming even more food into their over-stuffed freezers. I am worried about Bettys running out of Christmas coffee and if M&S are going to run out of chocolate brussel sprouts.. Quick panic buy!

I fell for it!

So I can now happily announce I have ‘seized it all’ – Christmas is wrapped and ready to go…….err now what – I think I still have 24 days to go…….ah well I can always start preparing for Easter………please stop me.

To cheer you up here is a picture of some fish – well they might be carp………


Take more…….



What a lovely quote and one to remind us all that life can whiz by so quickly.  In a blink everyone has got older, grown up and sometimes moved on.

Some of the most gratifying photographs I have done are those that will be cherished for more than a lifetime and have become family heirlooms.

I love seeing pictures as prints and as wall art so they can be easily shared. Quality prints and frames make a photograph sing!